Vegaswood Studios is a boutique Independent Film Studio located at
222 Imperial Ave, in Downtown Las Vegas, NV 89104

Here's a sample of a Reality Show Sizzle we just produced:

Vegaswood Studios is always looking for unique and fresh talent to perform on both
sides of the camera. Whether you're an aspiring actor, upcoming producer or
digital filmmaker - it takes collaboration to produce independent quality.
If you'd like to get involved in our growing talent pool
email and tell us about it.

Email Derek Stonebarger directly if you need a quote for any project.
As a small evolving boutique Las Vegas production studio,
we can help you find the perfect Las Vegas location,
crew or equipment - on-time and on budget!

BREAKING NEWS: Vegaswood Studios now has it's own Indie Movie theatre!
If you have a completed film and want to have a Vegas Premiere, or are
seeking Arthouse Distribution email the info to

Check out theatre7 here!